Featured Makers

12715824_1101293346561602_1871637741572009670_oSmall Fish Technologies



The artgarage is a free after-school art studio for the students of Housatonic Valley Regional High School, offering abundant space for creativity, art materials of all kinds, and art-making without curriculum, grades, or competition. Adult artist mentors offer skilled instruction as well as gentle support for each student’s individual artistic journey. The artgarage is a safe environment where creativity, respectful relationships and self-esteem are nurtured.

Leslie Watkins
Use your visual and literary skills to create a record of the natural world. Botanical watercolor artist, plein air landscape painter, and garden writer Leslie Watkins demonstrates making and keeping a personal nature journal. Join the fun and add your sketch to the exhibit.

Magic Fluke

Passionately and proudly manufacturing musical instruments in the Berkshires!
Sourcing material and parts as locally as possible!
Fluke and Flea Ukuleles, Firefly Banjo Ukuleles, Cricket Violin and Timber short scale electric bass
Sourcing locally, selling globally
Always innovating new product design and collaborating with local makers




Freund’s Farm Cow Pots


Lost Ruby Farm


Paisley Peacock

Learn about a beautiful body art that’s been popular for 3000 years and still going strong. Explore history, traditional design, chemistry, safety, and application. Learn to decorate yourself and others in a lasting but temporary way.


David Colbert

I am a sculptor who uses SolidWorks engineering software to help design and fabricate much of my work. I will demonstrate the use of this software and display some resulting 3-D printed artwork.

We’ll demonstrate ways to use 3D Printing to create molds for forming rapid set bio-concrete made from cornstarch, sand, water and a microwave oven. This technology could one day be used to create housing where traditional concrete ingredients are lacking, such as Mars. We’ll also display DIY technologies for casting metals using 3d printed forms and shapes, and display a wide array of products and prototypes we’ve created over the years.


The Thing Maker

This exhibit will demonstrate traditional blacksmithing techniques using a forge, anvil, hammer and various other tools to produce a variety of designs.

to take used computer hard drives and dissect them and use the parts to make Kinetic art also I will bring a small stored energy welder and stainless steel wire along with various pliers to bend the wire with


Trowbridge Forge

Barnstorm Studios (3-D Printing Experts)

Barnstorm Studio is a 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing company located in South Hadley, MA, specializing in Rapid Prototyping, Education & Business Development and Startup Mentoring. I’ve had the pleasure of working across a wide array of fields, helping product designers, engineers, educators, doctors and manufacturers develop innovative solutions using the growing array of additive technologies and materials. Our goal for this event is to demonstrate methods for introducing emerging additive technologies to the general public, and encourage participation in the coming global manufacturing renaissance.


Mobile Making with Karen Rossi

Paper shapes, beads and charms will be made available for people to create mobiles with. Mobiles are built from the bottom up. Shapes are attached to arches and the balance point needs to be found and punched. Sections are built, connected, and again, the balance point will need to be found and punched.


Under Mountain Weavers

We are second generation hand weavers, working on 4 harness looms creating cotton towels & napkins; wool blankets & chenille scarves. Our largest fly shuttle loom (72″, which we are unable to bring, though we welcome studio visits) lead to the beginning of the industrial revolution over 250 years ago. Our photos show the “sheep to shawl” creation of our woven goods.

Clay Jewlery

I plan to come with my handmade pottery beads made in clay to sell. I will have people that wish to come by and possibly take the time to make beads to make their own necklace or bracelet.

Makerspace CT

MakerspaceCT is dedicated to opening a large Makerspace in CT with everything you need to make just about anything. CNC machining, welding, plastic injection, electronics and robotics and much, much more. A resource for the community – Makers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, students of all kinds.


Beavan Ramsay Designs (Sculptural Casting)

Molding and casting are very old techniques used in creating sculptures of all sizes and materials. Sculptural Casting presents an introduction to the wide range of applications for these techniques. Visitors to the booth will have the opportunity to make a casting of an object from a pre-made mold.


Visionary Computer

Visionary Computer has been making technology understandable in the local community for more than 20 years. Unlike a lot of other shops, we actually do hardware repairs right here in Lakeville. Diagnostic and hand skills are important for potential new technicians. Come see how some of Apple’s latest products are built from the inside out.


Think Outside the Box
Make a T.O.T. BOX, help save PLANET EARTH!
Many sizes and shapes, all cut from unused plastic road side/lawn signs.
Choose your own box function and fastener style!




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