Food Options at Tri-State Mini Maker

Southy County

Coffee and baked goods from Irving Farm, will be made available by members of the IMS Parent’s Association in the morning on Sunday as the Tri-State Mini-Maker Fiare begins. Coffee and goodies will be available in the cafe space located just past the event registration table in the lobby of the IMS Student Center.

We are thrilled to have When Pigs Fly joining us as a food vendor. The popular BBQ restaurant, located in Sharon, CT, will be providing a plethora of tasty choices for Tri-State Mini Maker Faire patrons.

Also joining us will be South County Crepes & Wraps, which is a food truck owned by Brenda Olivieri. Brenda will be on hand to provide a choice of healthy food options, which can be purchased from her food concern, which will be parked in the IMS Student Center circle during the lunch period.

Food can be purchased directly from the restaurant vendors.

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